portrait for Muts, 2021

Hi, i'm Dewi

graphic designer and generally a bit stubborn. I like variety and change. After having worked for a boss for a while, I now put my energy into my own company(s), to do what makes me happy and to do the assignments that make me enthusiastic with full dedication.

I focus on various projects in graphic design, with a preference for print. I like to learn new things, and I am open to crazy things. To a certain extent, of course… I like to work with – and not for – people, so if you have a great idea that needs my help, let me know!

Giethoorn, 2022

Kaprun, 2022

I had a vegetable garden, 2021


~ visual identity
~ print design
~ book/magazine design
~ flyer/poster design
~ website design
~ packaging design
~ digital design
~ social media templates
~ illustration
~ photography


Beyond Sustainability ~ Element3 ~ Frakaono ~ The Hague University ~ Hollandgram ~ Hydrogentrendz ~ Ilyana Surfhouse ~ Jalou Langeree ~ LSH Export Consult ~ Mystic ~ NÆ|LU ~ North Actionsports Group ~ Prinsess Beatrix Muscle Foundation ~ RJB2 ~ Rose Coaching ~ Struijk Tuinplanten ~ Tellrs ~ Watersports World UK ~ Westcapeland ~ YRS Connected


In addition to graphic design, I have also set up a brand for my homemade hats and other creative DIY projects in 2021. This is actually a bit of a hobby that got out of hand, which has become a serious side business.

want to work together?

Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?